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Htut Oo Yoon
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Htut Oo Yoon

6 ways to increase revenue in your hotel spa

Are you thinking about how to increase spa revenue in your hotel, especially with operational expenses, maintenance, and added staff to consider? By using a strong strategy for profitability, a spa can not only improve your competitive advantage but also improve guest experiences and increase your average daily rate. Let's...

Htut Oo Yoon

Top 5 Features to Look for in a Digital Room Service Software

The hotel industry has undergone massive changes in the last decade, largely due to advancements in technology. In today's digital age, guests expect not just a comfortable stay but a seamless, easy-to-use service environment. That's where modern online ordering systems come in. An enterprise-level online ordering system can transform the...

Htut Oo Yoon

Digital Ordering in Hotels Can Actually Improve the Guest Experience

Introduction In the modern age of technology, one might fear that digitization is impersonalizing our everyday experiences. In the hospitality industry, this concern is particularly poignant, where personal touch and warm interaction form the cornerstone of guest satisfaction. However, contrary to popular belief, digital ordering in hotels is not stripping...

Htut Oo Yoon

7 reasons your hotel is losing money (in a minute)

1. World Events and Politics Wars, inflation, more travel after the pandemic, and big events like the World Cup can change how much money hotels make. The war in Ukraine has made things like food and energy cost more, and that's affected hotel prices. Can you change the effects of...

Htut Oo Yoon

5 Tips to Increase Repeat Guests At Your Hotel (in 3 mintues)

Significance of Retaining Hotel Guests For a thriving hotel business, the secret lies not just in attracting guests but also in ensuring they come back. Repeated visits guarantee steady occupancy and minimize the unpredictable nature of fresh bookings. These patrons already have a feel for what your hotel offers, simplifying...

Htut Oo Yoon

6 ways for hotels to reduce their carbon footprint (in 3 minutes)

Green Hotels: A Guide to Minimizing Carbon Footprints In today's age of environmental consciousness, the hotel industry plays a pivotal role in leading the charge towards a sustainable future. Not only does sustainability enhance your hotel's reputation, but it also offers tangible benefits – from cost savings to compliance and beyond....

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